The tanker AlgoTitan arrived late this afternoon and tied up at berth 25. Algotitan arrived in Halifax in December as Chantaco, and joined the Canadian Flag in January 2023. Sice then the ship has plied the domestic refined products trade, sailing the Great lakes and making several stops in Halifax.

The stop at pier 25 is likely for maintenance or supplies.

Veteran fleet mate Algoscotia is tied up opposite on Pier A, at Berth 27. Horizon Arctic is at Pier 28, and ONE Eagle at Pier 41


One Eagle

ONE Eagle returned today on the westbound leg of the EC5 Service, taking the place of ONE Cygnus at pier 41, which sailed this morning.

the Bird class ships are rated at 14026TEU and were built for NYK beginning in 2016. The bird class, was named after birds. ONE Cygnus was built as NYK Swan, but ONE SWAN was already taken, so the ship was named cygnus, after the Latin for Swan.

Leo A MacArthur w/John J Carrick

The Articulated Tug/Barge combo Leo A MacArthur / John J Carrick arrived in Halifax last night for McAsphalt in Eastern Passage. Part of the miller group of companies, They operate a terminal for the handling of the liqued components for asphalt.

An Articulated tug an barge is two vessels designed to be more or less permanently connected and operate as one. The Barge connects to the tug via a notch, and the two vessels are held together by large Articulating pins. This setup is more common in the US, where a Tug w/tank barge requires a much smaller crew then a tug with a tank barge of the same size.

For an upclose look, the Captain at the time gave me a tour of the combination, the Tug then Operating under the name Victorious for the same owners.

Navig8 Success to anchor in the Basin

The Products tanker Navig8 Success arrived in Halifax Yesterday and tied up at imperial Oil. It was scheduled to move to anchor this evening, and took up a spot in the Basin. its likely the ship will move to the Irving Woodside facility in the coming Days.

Built in 2009, Navig8 Success is owned by Navig8, who besides owning 26 ships, manage dozens more, and operate one of the largest independent tanker pools.

Atlantic Larch escorted the tanker through the narrows, and returned to base just after the video (below) ends. you can see the Navig8 Success Slow, and and the tether being drawn in.

Vineyard Wind Update

The latest on the Vineyard Wind 1 Project.

(Above) the Pile hammer suspended above the Pile gripper. (Below) The First pile has been moved into the gripper. The gripper is designed to hold the pile in position while the ship moves around it via its dynamic positioning system.

UPDATE May 26:

GPO Grace was scheduled to shift alongside Orion today, but is now headed back to the Anchorage at 11:30. GPO Grace went back alongside Orion yesterday. GPO Sapphire is currently in Aviles Spain, to load the next 6 Piles and Transition Pieces. No ETA for Halifax yet.

CBSA Container Inspection Facility

Progress continues on the new container inspection facility for Canada Border services, on Africville Rd. next to the Fairview cove terminal. Currently container flagged for inspection are trucked to their facility in Burnside.

The future plan has Fairview Cove handling the majority of truck traffic for both terminals, with container moving by rail between the terminals. CN already operates an inland terminal in Moncton to handle regional containers, and are interested in developing a facility in Debert

Its Hammer time.

Orion looked to be testing the hammer used to drive piles into the seabed. The Crane has positioned the hammer over the pile stabilizer which keeps the pile in position while the ship is dynamically positioned.

(Below)GPO Grace remains at anchor

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